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Make space travel possible

The most relevant question in space tourism?, I have a space travel? In the following article we will explain the current situation to. Is it already possible to a space journey?
This page is constantly updated. The last operation was carried out in January 2013.

Providers of space travel

Making space travel depends on a number of factors. Providers should be to organize space travel. There are currently 2 important space travel organizations. Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson's company with the help of SpaceShip Two people in the room wants to send. Furthermore, Space Expedition Corporation The second major provider of space travel. This is an organization that wants to fly from Curacao with a modified Lynx-appliance. Both have the ambition to be at relatively low cost space travel organizing. Providers like space travel so please allow. A journey into space will be approximately between 180.000 and 76.000 euro of these providers. View the page cost space travel For more information.


Besides that organizations should be who like to travel to offer these organizations should also have safe, tested and working vessels. See link for more information about spaceships. Currently, both organizations have a spaceship. Both ships are in the testing phase. Virgin has a manned test flight with her spaceship(SpaceShipTwo) become detached from the mother ship; White Knight Two. Of the Lynx appliance (I versie) it is expected that the in 2013 the first flight to 60 km altitude. Version 2 is from 2014 ready to really go into space. It is currently unclear which company further in the development of spaceships, but both companies expect 2014 clients the opportunity to send.

Space Ports

Oftewel Spaceports. These are the bases of future spacecraft. A spaceport is specially equipped to spaceships into space to send. Currently, the 2 largest providers plan to offer flights from: New Mexico(Spaceport America), Mojave(Mojave Air and Space Port), Sweden(future), Curacao (Spaceport Curacao). This space ports are ready for the future spaceships into the air to send. In the Mojave Desert are already several space flights departed from NASA. In addition, both the handsets from SXC as Virgin there in developing.


Space Tourism, and the creation of a space travel is thus, in practice, yet not possible. Well you can come to different companies all space travel and book direct. The cards you can buy so all, when you leave is still the question. From 2013 flights depart from Space Expedition Corporation (SXC) to 60 km altitude. Expected in 2014 the first customers to the oven cavity for both companies. In 2020 wil SXC 20.000 bring people into space.


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