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Justin Bieber also on space travel


With all the celebrities who have already booked space travel, Justin Bieber course could not stay behind.

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SpaceShipTwo makes first solo test flight


In April 2013 SpaceShipTwo made its first solo flight. The spaceship of Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic's mothership WhiteKnightTwo then detached from 16 seconds autonomously landed by flying to safely weather the room. During the short flight was a speed of mach 1,2 achieved, and thus the sound barrier broken. Virgin Galactic is planning another […]

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Create a Free Travel Space? It may be!


It remains free space travel rain. The latest action is to win a space trip while you're on vacation in Curacao. In addition, there have been various actions, for example Mediamarkt, the action of Axe, or action for Space Travel training Netherlands Innovates. Another easier way to score a free space travel is the […]

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Effect long space journey testing on animals


On 19 April 2013 are different animals sent into space. A Russian experiment will find out what the effects of space travel on living beings. In total 45 mouse, eight gerbils, fifteen geckos and many other species from Kazakhstan sent into space.

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Market research opportunities for Space Travel


End 2002 by “Futron Corporation” conducted a study on the potential of space travel (orbital and suborbital) and potential space travelers. Futron sought answers to the following questions: What is the size of the market for space travel? What is the growth potential of the market for space travel? What are the personality traits of the target? The research oriented […]

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With AXE deodorant into space


Following the action of Mediamarkt with samsung, You can now also with AXE into space. 2 Dutch get a professional training, which 1 really into space. How interested for a free space travel (value such $200.000 dollar) need to register for the AXE Apollo Space […]

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NASA betaalt 18 million for space hotel


Begin January 2013, NASA that it almost $18 million would pay for the construction of Bigelow Aerospace Hotel. Bigelow Aerospace is a company that focus on inflatable space station modules. Despite the fact that the plans for complete space station and a lunar base is still on the drawing board are the company […]

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The space in Google's 100.000 stars project


100.000 Stars is an interactive visualization of our space environment. A special website where our solar system interactively displayed. It is made for the Google Chrome web browser. It shows the real location of more than 100.000 nearby stars. Zoom reveals 87 big stars and our solar. The display of the galaxy is a […]

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Spotthestation – The ISS from home


Did you know that you can see the International Space Station from your house or garden? On some days with a clear sky, you can see the ISS from home. But you have to know when it flies by. NASA now has a brand new service: Spotthestation!

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Google Lunar X Prize (GLXP / Moon 2.0)

Google Lunar X prize -  

De Google Lunar X Prize (GLXP), also known as Moon 2.0 called, A price of 20 million U.S. dollars for the first private moon landing. The prize is awarded to the team that first an unmanned vehicle (called a robber) on the surface of the Moon landing. This should be at least 500 meters over the […]

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