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Emporium of Wonders lynx sxc -ú60,000-sThe device is the Lynx spacecraft used by Space Expedition Corporation. Unlike any other spacecraft so far developed, the Lynx unit of SXC independent takeoff and landing system. Work is currently underway to 2 versions of the Lynx device. The Lynx Mark I one the Lynx Mark II.

General info about the Lynx spacecraft.

The device is 8,5 meters long and can two people to spend a maximum height of 100 kilometer. Then the spaceship lands at an airport as a classic airplane. In order to reach the maximum height, the four Lynx rocket engines that operate on a mixture of liquid oxygen (LOX) and kerosene. The Lynx has no additional fuel tanks or missiles capable, in contrast to many other spaceships. The spacecraft is so small and light that has its own propulsion system. The four rocket engines of the spaceship able to- and off at any time. The device is driven by its own rocket power from the runway.

About the unit – Lynx Mark II:

Feiten tabulated Lynx Mark II:
About Lynx Mark II
Length: Wing span: Height: Crew: Propulsion: Thrust: Surface:
8.50 m 7.32 m 7.32 m 2 people (incl piloot) 4 x XR-5K18 liquid cooled restartable rocket engines 5 200 Kg 13.77 m2

The space travel

Ruimtereis Lynx Toestel - - Copyright SXCIn less than 1 minute breaks through the sound barrier when the Lynx rocket motors are lit. With the Lynx Mk 1 is Mach 2 reached, while passengers of the Mk II Mach 2,9 reach. To do this you can imagine; the new Joint Strike Fighter(JSF) has a top speed of Mach 1,7. In such a 3 minutes the device its maximum speed. Eventually you will stay over 4 to 6 minutes in the space. The rocket motors are switched off. You can enjoy the silence and the spectacular view through a window of 4m2. In contrast to space travel in Virgin Galactic you in your chair to sit in the weightless environment. The earth is seen, from Florida to Brazil. In the return to Earth, the speed is much increased. In order to reduce this speed carries the pilot “retraction” movement. You need to think about this some sort circles for the speed to reduce. The passengers will experience this G forces up to 4.5 G for approximately 10 to 20 second. By gravity sliding the Lynx device then slowly back to Earth in about 40 minutes. They eventually land back in Curacao or the Mojave Desert. In total it takes a space with the Lynx about an hour. The Lynx spaceplane was designed by space technology company XCOR Aerospace from California. There is in the Lynx place for a trained pilot and a "space tourist". There are also opportunities for small loads to carry and conduct experiments.

Current situation

Space Expedition Corporation will perform flights to the space 2 different space ships. In 2013 Lynx Mk I will be operational for the first passengers take to 60 km altitude. These passengers departing from Mojave Air and Space Port. From 2014 Lynx II device will be ready to passengers really have the room to take (100+ km). This spacecraft will depart from both the Mojave Desert and Spaceport Curacao. SXC works in the field of security with some fly independent experts from the European Space Agency (ESA) and safety advisers KLM. Should something go wrong, the Lynx even 1 rocket fly further and have ejection seats on board. View the page Make space travel possible For the latest information and updates, hold also news selection in the holes.

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