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How it works

It sounds great, space travel. But how does it work? In the next article we will explain how space travel works exactly & from where you are in space. There are several space travel space travel organizations who would like to organize and space tourism? want to make accessible. This is done by a device for a flight down to the limit of our atmosphere; “space”. As defined by the U.S. Air Force space starts from a height of 80,5 kilometer (50 miles), according to the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) from a height of 1kilometerter. In general, the last definition is used. If you are 100km away from the earth you've been, officially an astronaut.

Made Space Flights

Many companies are currently trying to make space travel possible for everyone. There was a russian company(Roscosmos) that ever previously organized spaceflights to the ISS (International Space Station). To date, there are 7 official space tourists that have taken the flight. Since 2009 it is no longer possible to use Roskosmos for commercial space flights.

Current situation

[Updated November 2012]: There are currently a number of spaceships The al (test) flights outside the atmosphere have made. Several companies are working to develop space ships as possible. Flights expected to last for several minutes. Thus, an average spaceflight average between 5 and 30 minutes outside the atmosphere remain. The company Virgin Galactic with Spaceshiptwo works with a spaceship through a mothership launched, while the mother toward the atmosphere flies. This is more efficient than starting from scratch. Space Expedition Coorperation doing this, however,, with the Lynx appliance. View the page space travel organizations for all companies currently developing space travel. You can also on the page cost space travel see how much you should be willing to have a unique perspective on the earth to get.


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