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What now takes a space trip? Set, you would like a space travel, what costs exactly? We have selected for you by the provider:
Name Galactic Virigin Space Expedition Corporation (SXC)
Over Virgin Galactic is a company within Richard Branson's Virgin Group, who intends to sub-orbital space flights for space tourists, launches for space science missions & launches of small satellites. Further in the future hopes of the Virgin Group also orbital human spaceflights to offer. Virgin's spacecraft are launched from.. [Read more] Space Expedition Corporation wants from in 2014 with a Lynx-spaceplane daily revenue flights from Curacao and from the Mojave. The company wants the plane but 1 passenger can bring customers to comfortably carry 100 km altitude. The flexibility of the space plane is that of almost any ordinary aerodrome.. [Read more]
Price Approximately € 152,000,- euro Approximately € 76,000,- euro
Departure New Mexico (Spaceport America), Sweden (Spaceport Sweden – future) Mojave (US – Mojave Air and Space Port), Curacao(Spaceport Curacao – from 2014)
Length flight – Room stay About 2,5 pm - A few minutes in space About 60 minutes - 4 to 6 minutes in the space
Number of passengers  5 No
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