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Virgin Galactic

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800px-White_Knight_Two_and_SpaceShipTwo_from_directly_belowVirgin Galactic is a company within Richard Branson's Virgin Group, who intends to sub-orbital space flights for space tourists, launches for space science missions & launches of small satellites. Further in the future Virgin Galactic hopes even orbital human spaceflights to offer. Virgin Galactic's space probes are launched from a large aircraft, whereby the spacecraft more initial speed and altitude is possible, than when it was launched from the ground. The White Knight Two is currently the special plane that acts as the mother-ship and launch platform for the spacecraft SpaceShipTwo. The mothership is a large fixed-wing aircraft, with two hulls, held together by a central wing.

Then and now.

Virgin Galactic was launched in 2004 by Richard Branson, one biljionair from England. Virgin Galactic is part of the Virgin Group, which currently consists of more than 400 different companies. Virgin Galactic has a partnership with Burt Rutan, the designer of SpaceShipOne, that the Ansari X prize.

The Ansari X Prize was a price 10 million dollars was awarded to the team that developed the first private, reusable spacecraft developed.

With the license and technology of SpaceShipOne, Virgin Galactic 2 new vessels created; SpaceShipTwo(also called VSS Enterprise) & de WhiteknightTwo (the torbojet that SpaceShip Two bears in the air, also called Eve). Both vessels were revealed in 2010. In juli 2012 made the Virgin LauncherOne known. A small and flexible satellite launch ship. On 29 december 2012 underwent SpaceShipTwo its 23rd sweefvlucht of the pre-driven part of the incremental test flight program. Virgin Galactic is on track for a test flight still 2013 into space to send, although tourist flights until 2014 be expected, according to the latest news.

Space travel with Virgin Galactic

Spaceship flight VirginOnce the space trip is scheduled, the customer must undergo a medical test. This test will not be very heavy since Virgin wants to make it as accessible as possible to a space journey. Besides the medical checks must a customer 3 days pre-flight training to undergo preparation in 1 of the space ports. Er is een speciale trainingscabine dat een directe copy is van SS2’s cabine. The future passengers have already undergone training, of the 81 people (ages 22 to 88) ditch 93% de training succesvol af.

SpaceShipTwo takes the passengers in a journey of 2,5 hours in the air. With a top speed of more than 4000 km / h, the passengers 109,000 feet above the earth sent. There they 4 to 5 minutes of weightlessness. The passengers can get out of their seats and float around in the weightless state in the cabin of SS2. Passengers are officially astronauts when they exceed 80 km in space. After a short sub-orbital flight the spacecraft returns back to the atmosphere and floats back to earth.

Animation of Virgin Galactic flight from launch to landing

Current situation

In 2012 there were more than 500 Bookings at Virgin Galactic. The first 100 Passengers have the full ticket amount already put forward as a deposit. These deposits are used for the development of the spaceships and travel. Virgin Galactic claims over 80.000 people to have a list of potential space travelers. In 2014 the first flights as start of the space tourism? expected to 100 km altitude. See also the company Space Expedition Corporation if you want to know if space travel were possible.

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