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Space Expedition Corporation

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Space Expedition Corporation (SXC) is in 2013 with a Lynx-spaceplane daily commercial flights run from Mojave Air and Space Port. From 2014 she wants to depart from Spaceport Curacao with version II of the Lynx appliance. The company wants the plane next to the pilot 1 passenger can bring, passengers comfortably transported to 100 km altitude. The flexibility of the space plane is that of almost any ordinary airport can take off. A spaceflight through SXC will be around 100.000 US dollars (About 76.000 euro) cost. Because this aircraft environmentally friendly(he) long haul can offer KLM since 2010 een partnerschap met Space Expedition Corporation (SXC).

Then and now

Space Expedition Corporation (SXC) is in 2008 founded by two Royal Netherlands Air Force pilots: Major Harry van Hulten and Ben Droste. Space Expedition Corporation would like Virigin private travelers Galactic space travel offer. Currently the organization is working to perfect their spaceship. In 2013 the first flights conducted with the Mark I to 60 km altitude from Mojave Air and Space Port. In 2014 the flights actually go to space (100km), also starting from Spaceport Curacao. The trips are cheaper than Virgin currently offer and the customers 2014 can choose from 2 departure space ports. The Mojave Desert and the Caribbean island of Curaçao. Space Expedition Corporation wil het vliegveld Hato op Curaçao, omtoveren tot ‘Spaceport Curaçao’.

From one of the two space ports are customers with XCOR-Lynx unit to the space flown. And can such 5 minutes enjoy total weightlessness and a beautiful view of the earth. The price of a ticket for this unique experience begins at approximately 73.000 euro. You fly over to 60 km altitude from Mojave in 2013. In 2014 you can use the Mach II device officially into space from Curacao or Mojave, voor about 76.000 euroeuro

Next space tourism? SXC will also focus on space experiments that can be offered cheaper because the experiment is part of the already paid flight. Therefore, the cost of scientific centers less since they do not separate rocket / spaceship need to order and build. The unit also offers opportunities for long-distance journeys to shorten.

Ruimtereis met Space Expedition Corporation

Ruimtereis Lynx Toestel - - Copyright SXCIf the Lynx device, there departs 2 persons on board. Of piloot in Passagier. In minder dan 1 minute breaks through the sound barrier device when the rocket engines ignited. In minder dan In less thane maximum speed (Mark II), Mach 2,9 reached. Eventually you will stay over 4 to 6 minutes of weightlessness in space. The four rocket motors are switched off. You need to sit in your seat during weightlessness, However, you have a great view with a window of 4m2. This is a safety handle went according Space Expedition Corporation (SXC). Through the gravity of the earth the spacecraft will return to the atmosphere to land at the spaceport. A flight to 60 km altitude takes approximately 45 minuten. The spaceflight to 100km altitude takes about 60 minminutesXC also offers various training courses. There is a medical examination and training required before a passenger space can. Read more about the flight in the article on the Lynx appliance.

Check out the English website SXC.

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