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NASA betaalt 18 million for space hotel

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Begin January 2013, NASA that it almost $18 million would pay for the construction of Bigelow Aerospace Hotel. Bigelow Aerospace is a company that focus on inflatable space station modules. Despite the fact that the plans for complete space station and a lunar base is still on the drawing board stand, the company has two inflatable prototypes in orbit around the earth. Of 2 prototypes called Genesis 1 and 2. Launched in July 2006 in june 2007. The company looks at how both function prototypes in the long term. Bigelow's inflatable modules would need to save fuel at takeoff. The modules are lightweight and can expand in space. That provides a saving in time and fuel relative to modules that are built up on the ground,. The ultimate goal for the company is to build an inflatable habitable space station ISS (International Space Station) can complement and eventually may replace. In december 2012 signed NASA and Bigelow Aerospace a contract to the Bigelow Aerospace Expanded Module (BEAM) to fly to the ISS. Beam are in 2015 folded arrive at the ISS, through the belly of a SpaceX Dragon spacecraft. The module is 4 at 3.2 meter if it is fully extended. NASA is planning a robot arm to use the module to connect to 1 of the open Node 3 ports. When that's done, astronauts in the station these activities tar. In the subsequent 2 year the crew temprature, pressure and radiation measured within the module. Bigelow says that it is probably the quietest room in the ISS will be. “With the patented expandable habitats is the plan to the usable space of the ISS with a fraction of the cost increase, for the next generation spaceships.” is written on Bigelow's website. The company is the BA-330 develop. Named after the 330 cubic meters of volume inside. The company also has contracts with SpaceX and Boeing for the use of the Dragon and CST-100 spaceships. The spaceships would people into the future Bigelow stations can fly.

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