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Effect long space journey testing on animals

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On 19 April 2013 are different animals sent into space. A Russian experiment will find out what the effects of space travel on living beings. In total 45 mouse, eight gerbils, fifteen geckos and many other species from Kazakhstan sent into space. With a Soyuz-2 rocket flying creatures in cages in a Bion-M1 capsule at an altitude of 575 kilometers in orbit around the earth. Space travel will probably take a month. The animals are being watched on a monitor by scientists. It is expected that the animals living on earth return. After the animals they come back fully investigated and although the scientists that the animals survive the journey, they eventually slain insured. The project is led by Roscosmos, the Office of the Russian government that is about space research and space. This was also the company which is one of the first private space travel offered. This is the longest trip the animals ever make. According to the project manager of NASA (Nicole Rayl) it is the intention that the research results on the long travel are compared with results in the past

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